Stop the Presses: Brubaker vs Rose Signed for Season Premiere on 2/2

by Steve Schultz

A major shakeup surfaced in the DREAMWAVE landscape today that may have lasting
implications on a number of things. Christian Rose went before the DREAMWAVE Championship committee and requested a match with the current DREAMWAVE Champion, Nick Brubaker at Season Premiere on February 2nd, 2013. This is a big deal for a lot of reasons and sets what could prove to be a bad precedent for CEO, JC Costilli.

At the end of The Fight Before Christmas on 12/1/12, JC came out and made two matches for ANNIVERSARY IV on April 13th, 2013 (three shows and four months away), Nick Brubaker vs Jason Hades for the DREAMWAVE World Championship and Christian Rose vs former WWE star, John Hennigan formerly known as John Morrison. Both of those matches got great reactions from the crowd and will surely do huge box office numbers, but there is one problem...Christian Rose is undefeated AND the Good As Gold briefcase holder. What happened behind closed doors is unknown, but we do know that Rose went before the committee without Costilli knowing and either requested or demanded a match on 2/2 with Brubaker. We also know that Nick Brubaker accepted this match, knowing that win or lose, he faces Jason Hades at
ANNIVERSARY IV. The only question that remains now about Brubaker vs Hades at ANNIVERSARY IV is, will the DREAMWAVE Championship be in the picture? Perhaps Rose vs John Hennigan formerly known as John Morrison at ANNIVERSARY IV on 4/13 will now be for championship?

This scenario has left so many unanswered questions here that are very intriguing. There is no doubt that the real losers in this situation are JC Costilli, who has been a fan and locker room favorite up until this point. Costilli now faces the dilemma of “being tattled on to his superiors" and a mutiny of sorts by one of his fastest rising stars in Christian Rose. The other loser in this situation is Jason Hades who quietly signed on for a title opportunity
against his best friend, Nick Brubaker on the biggest show of the year. Brubaker has yet to speak publicly about Hades decision, or the match itself, but he certainly didn't looked pleased on 12/1 when the announcement came out.

One more factor people are forgetting is that Christian Rose is the Good as Gold briefcase holder which allows him a shot at any title he chooses.  Rose must use the briefcase sometime before 9/11/13.  That means that even if Rose were to lose and snap his undefeated streak that will be fifteen months old by the time he faces Brubaker, he could immediately cash in his briefcase for a "do over". 

The odds are against the DREAMWAVE World Champion here, but his acceptance of this match says a lot about Brubaker being a fighting champion.  For Brubaker, this will be an attempt at his 8th defense of the title he won on 4/7/12.  The odds may also be against JC Costilli whose job may be in jeopardy for failing to make a match many people wanted to see. Perhaps the real burning question here is "Why did Costilli not want to see this match made?"  More on this as it develops here on