DREAMWAVE's Most Unlikely New Heroes: The New Beck Family

by Steve Schultz

For the last two months the Beck Family has heard something very unfamiliar to them, the cheers of the DREAMWAVE fans. Come to think of it, the Beck Family have been treading a lot of unfamiliar waters lately.  Former "leader" and Beck Family Patriarch, Mason Beck, took exception to Cousin Nikki's relationship with Bucky Collins, a man Mason spent most of the Summer feuding with.  Nikki, the undeniable queen of DREAMWAVE Wrestling, seems to have grown fond of Bucky's determination to overcome her Cousin, the bully, Mason Beck.  Mason finally had enough of the Bucky/Nikki distraction at Survival of the Fittest in November, and was about to show Nikki his displeasure, until the rest of the Beck Family interjected itself and finally stood up to Mason. That was the last time anyone has seen or heard from Mason Beck. 

Perhaps the most fascinating part about this whole dynamic is the Waylon factor.  Waylon had been exiled from the family long ago, after being publicly humiliated by Mason on several occasions.  The exile proved to be a blessing in disguise for the rough around the edges, Waylon, who went on to win the Good As Gold briefcase in September of 2011.  His independence proved to be short lived though, as Mason ruined Waylon's title opportunity with a vulnerable Austin Roberts in December of 2011 at The Fight Before Christmas.  This storied war came to an end at ANNIVERSARY III when Waylon finally defeated the bane of his existence, and was able to move on with his life.

Mason Beck ruled the Beck Family for nearly four years until Waylon finally stood up to him and challenged his authority.  This act of defiance may have opened the door and given the other members of the Beck Family hope that they too could one day live a life of their own.  Nikki has surely smiled more in the last two months, than she has her entire time here in DREAMWAVE.  Her relationship with Bucky Collins has added an energy and renewed sense of vigor and likeability to the once hated Becks. One DREAMWAVE superstar whom I won't name, recently even referred to them as "The Buck Family" to me. 

The DREAMWAVE fans have surely taken to the new version of The Beck Family, loudly cheering them on during their eight man tag match against Waylon's new foe, Justin McIntyre III's team at The Fight Before Christmas in December. 
The looming questions for these five not in their past, but rather their future.  What happens if and when Mason Beck returns to DREAMWAVE?  Will he assume his old position of tyrant?  The parallels of The Beck Family story and that of Shakesphere's Hamlet, are uncanny.  Substitute LaSalle for Denmark, Waylon for Hamlet, and Mason for Claudius, and it's nearly identical.  The only thing we don't know about the Beck Family's story is perhaps it’s most important part… it's end.