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They have their own taste in clothing, music, and a penchant for easy Southern living.  They have always been rule breakers who lived by their own code and credence, never concerning themselves with pleasing the DREAMWAVE audience.  They certainly don't fit the corporate image of "champions" or a "dynasty", but over the last two years, quietly, the Beck's have become one of the most successful stables in DREAMWAVE and the Midwest wrestling scene. 



For the sake of continuity, let's deal in absolutes and numbers.  The Becks have amassed quite the collection of hardware on their mantle over the last three years.   If you count the exiled member of the group, Waylon, the Becks have racked up two Tag Team Championships, one Alternative Title, one Good as Gold briefcase, and a representative of the family has main evented or been a part of seven main events.  That's more than the A-List, P.R.I.D.E, or the Revolution.



It only takes one trip to Kickapoo Creek, the home of the Beck Family, to begin to understand who they are.  Mostly a swampy, rundown pass-through for fishermen, Kickapoo Creek, doubles as the host to many aging and run-down homes of both the stationary and mobile variety.  Down one of it's many winding roads sits what many residents consider a mansion, the Beck ranch.  The double wide trailer that used to occupy the property has been replaced by a large modern style ranch home. It is a glimmering example of the wealth they have encountered from their DREAMWAVE successes.  You wouldn't know of their instant wealth if you looked at their forms of transportation in the driveway.  There in fact, is not a pick up truck made after 1991 on the property.  Perhaps that is how the Becks like it ....simple.



Cousin Bobby is the most underrated man on the DREAMWAVE roster. There, I said it.  Following the Cousin Bobby/Cousin Dixie victory over Zero Gravity on 12/3, Cousin Bobby is now a two time DREAMWAVE Tag Team Champion.  He  now flirts with the status of "tag team specialist".  One has to wonder if Cousin Bobby could win the tag titles with any combination of family members (Cousin Bobby and Waylon were the second tag team champions in DREAMWAVE history). 



That's not to say that Bobby's partner, Cousin Dixie, is a slouch.  Since debuting, Dixie has stunned audiences with his agility and athleticism for a man of his size.  The "Kickapoo Destroyer" is a scary move that no one has yet to, nor probably ever will kick out of.  I've heard DREAMWAVE fans compare  Dixie to a young Vader.



Even the one who many consider the brains behind the brawn, Cousin Nikki, has been successful  in the ring twice recently (at Survival of the Fittest and The Fight Before Christmas) and been very impressive.  Going back to absolutes and numbers, Nikki is undefeated in two appearances in the ring this year.  Everyone knows that Nikki isn't a wrestler by trade, however.  DREAMWAVE fans have called her many things over the years,  cheater,  manipulator, liar, thief, and some things we just can't repeat in this column.  Call her what you want, but during her time in DREAMWAVE Wrestling, she has been a winner.  Nikki has always held her team and her family together through the good and the bad.  You could liken her to the den mother of the group who takes care of her boys at all costs, to assure they do their job...wrestle.  After all, that is what a "manager" is supposed to do...take care of travel, gear, contracts, and all the other intangibles so their wrestlers can worry about one thing...wrestling.  Perhaps no one is better at handling their business than Nikki.



Did I forget to mention Mason Beck? The monster has ran roughshod over DREAMWAVE for the last two years, destroying everything in his path.  Beck won the Alternative Title, took Fit Finlay to the limit, cost Waylon the World Championship, and himself  rubbed elbows with the World Championship all season long.  Mason is one of those guys who seems to be one big boot or one powerbomb away from taking that next giant step. I have little doubt in my mind that Mason will continue his breakout, and "cross that bridge" into immortality in 2012. 



As impressive as the Beck Family is individually, they are much more impressive when you look at the sum of their parts.  Through all the diversity they encountered in season three, they stood strong, stood on a united front.



On my recent visit to their Kickapoo Creek Ranch, the first thing I noticed was that there was no landscaping, no decorations, nor are their hints of the upcoming Christmas season.  The only sign that can be construed as a decoration, hangs from the front of their rusted metal gate on the perimeter of the property, suspended by a singles piece of old barb wire.  The sign bears the motto that best sums up this unit...it simply reads..."Family First".




Steve Schultz is a reporter for dreamwavewrestling.com.  He may be contacted at: dreamwavereporter@gmail.com or via twitter at www.twitter.com/dreamwavesteve or @dreamwavesteve .
















































































































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